>< Translations for Progress
Title: General interest articles about rainforests and the environment

From: English(North America)
To: Chinese(Simplified), German, Japanese

Needed by: 2019-12-31


Mongabay.com, a well-respected rainforest web site, is always in search for volunteer translators to help with translation from English into several non-English languages.

Currently we are taking translators who work into German, Chinese and Japanese.

Translators will be credited for their work.

To give up an idea of the type of content that is in need of translation, here are our language sites:

de.mongabay.com (German), cn.mongabay.com (Chinese), jp.mongabay.com (Japanese)

We want the experience to be as enjoyable as possible for our translators. Being one of our volunteers offers you a series of benefits such as receiving feedback on your work (as much as possible given our resources), access to glossaries, reference letters, information on job offers and public recognition within our team when something is achieved. We are currently trying to strengthen our relationship with our volunteers even more and we are offering internal awards, guidelines on applying for jobs and more.

Although this is a volunteer position, we expect a certain level of commitment from our translators. In order to be part of our team and have access to the benefits, translators must respect 4 simple rules:

- Deadlines must be respected. We work with time frames rather than deadlines, allowing a minimum of 4-6 weeks to translate an article (the longer the article, the more time allowed).

- Communication must be fluent. If a person knows that they won't be able to meet a deadline, they should always let us know in advance. We also expect translators to reply to our emails asking about an assignment.

- Similarly, if a translator wishes to stop volunteering for us, they should let us know. This should be done after submitting a translation and not in the middle of an assignment.

- All translations must be complete and revised before being submitted. If they are not, they will be sent back to the translator for revision.