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How to prepare a news item for submission here

When writing a news item for submission here, you can simply type it as plain text directly into our
[[[ADD - AÑADIR - ДОБАВИТЬ - AJOUTER - 添加文章 - 記事を追加]]] form, or paste it in from any suitable source.
To start a new line, simply press the RETURN or ENTER key. To start a new paragraph, leave
an empty line. To enter a link to another web page, just start it properly with the "http" string
followed by a colon and two slashes, such as in http://example.com, and it will be converted into
a working link. If it starts with a "www", you don't even have to type the initial "http://",
a recognizable website address (URL) will do: www.example.com or even example.com .

The result will look as good or bad as this little article.

You can also prepare a complete nicely formatted HTML web page in a HTML editor and paste it into the
same form. For now, you have to paste in the HTML source code of such a web page. That is, you have
to open your HTML page in plain text editor, such as Notepad, select all, and then copy and paste
it here. Or copy all the contents of the "View: Page Source" window of your browser.
Such a document should start with a "<!DOCTYPE html>" line for the newest HTML5 standard,
or "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC .... >" line for the older HTML versions.
There should be no empty space before "<!DOCTYPE...".
All HTML editors will put in such a line automatically for you. This line must
be present to correctly display your HTML formatted news article.