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We are forwarding to your attention the following request received at Translations for Progress:

My name is Filipa Silva and I'm a Portuguese student at the Faculty of Economics of the University Of Porto, Portugal. Currently I'm working on my master thesis on the subject of "Online Volunteering". For this purpose I'm looking for online volunteers to answer a few questions about their motivations, experiences and consequences.

Anyone interested to participate, please fill in the questionnaire that follows, and send it directly to my e-mail address at filipa6013 AT gmail.com. Thank you, Filipa.

Study: Online Volunteering



Academic qualifications:

Professional situation:


Q1. How did you decide to participate in online volunteer work?

Q2. What are the reasons that led you to this decision? (Motivations)

Q3. Have you performed another type of volunteering beyond online? If so, do you have a preference?


Q4. What kind of tasks do you perform? With what organization are you associated with? Why do you perform these tasks?

Q5. How do you relate with the organization?

Q6. Who follows your actions? Do you feel lack of guidance?

Q7. How regularly do you perform online volunteer work?

Q8. What was the duration of the last activity you were involved?

Q9. Do you think that your expectations and motivations were (are being) satisfied?


Q10. What are the consequences (benefits) that got as online volunteer?

Q11. With the development of relationships (with other volunteers, organization ...), have you found benefits to exercise online volunteer that you had not equated? If so, which ones?

Q12. What future expectations do you have about your participation?

Q13. Do you plan to continue to perform this type of volunteering? If so, what are the reasons for your continuation? If not, what are the reasons for your intention of withdrawal?

Q14. How do you view the future of online volunteering? (Your opinion)

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