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Kayan Annual Report 2009

We are pleased to announce the publication of Kayan's Annual Report 2009. You can download the pdf file from
http://www.kayan.org.il/Public/Kayan%20Annual%20Report%202009.pdf !

Learn about Kayan's projects in 2009 to advance the status of Arab women in Israel:

Jusur (Bridges) - Developing and Institutionalizing the Grassroots movement of Arab Women in Israel

Empowering grassroots women to bring about change in the local sphere
Developing the grassroots movement of Arab women in Israel

The Legal Department

Giving free legal aid to low-income women
Informing women about their legal rights
Advocating for legal and social change

An Active Approach towards Personal Economy

Informing women about their social rights
Encouraging women to make provisions for old age

Kind regards,

The Board and Staff of Kayan – Feminist Organization