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We recommend NGO to set up formal translation tasks, February 2008

Date: Feb. 12, 2008

This was originally sent to all the NGOs that currently had no translation tasks formally registered up in their profile, but could be useful to all:

Although many NGO have their long term translation needs described in their organization information, you get your needs conveyed to our volunteer translators much more effectively if you also set up at least one translation task. All such formal tasks will be listed in the search results (item 2. on the Database Search page), and all the translators are also regularly sent automatic e-mail notifications about all the formal (registered) translation tasks that match their translation capabilities. We plan to make these notifications even more efficient in future.

It is a good idea to set up at least one translation task with possibly a farther in the future "Needed by" date stating in a few words your long term translation needs. Each translation task can have multiple source (From) languages (up to 5) and multiple target (To) languages (up to 25).

To set up (add) a translation task, log in, go to "Your Control Center" (profile), and scroll down to the lower portion of the page, and start to fill out the form in the "Your translation tasks" box. Do not forget to adjust the pre-filled value of the "Needed by" (deadline) date, and click on "Add" on the left when done. If you make mistakes, or at a later time need to modify deadline date, To or From languages, or the task description, you can edit everything as many time as you wish. In that case just click on the title of an "old" task that will appear in the same box after setting it up. You can also easily clone new tasks out of the old ones.

We hope this will help.