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Changes in the Rating System, February 2008

Date: Feb. 12, 2008
Subject: Information about the recent improvements in our Rating System

This was originally sent to all those organizations and translators who have assigned at least one rating in the past to their counterparts in a translation job:

You can now modify/correct all your past ratings, and also made them public if you wish. You have to be logged in the site. Then you can access all the old ratings you have assigned through the link "Review/modify all ratings that you have assigned" in the main menu (it's one of the green links on the right). To modify an old rating, just click on the "Edit" button on the left (the red "X" button to the right of it would delete a rating completely - after you've been asked one more time for a confirmation, of course).

When modifying an old rating you assigned, you can change both the numerical value of the rating, and edit the verbal justification. If you want to make a rating public, place a check in the checkbox in the upper left corner of the Modification form.
When you make it public, your identity and your verbal comment will also be visible in the resume/organization description of the rated translator/NGO. If it is left "hidden" (a default), only your numerical rating is listed.