If you are relatively new to this site, and wonder what was behind the sudden Feb. 7, 2008 jump by about 100 in the number of registered NGO-members of our site, the copy of this e-mail sent out to all those "new" members should explain it:

Subject: Your Translations for Progress account has been restored

You have been among the initial NGO users of our site. Your account had been deleted automatically some time ago due to inactivity, most probably without any due warning at all, as it was still in the period of the tumultuous development of our software.

Our site is now much more stable, it is available in six major languages, we have implemented many new features that should make the work with the site more efficient, and we also have many new volunteer translators registered to offer their help to organizations such as yours.

We have finally found time to restore your original account from our old database backups to give you a new chance to use our site. Please have a look around to find out whether the site can be useful to you.

Translations for Progress