Survey No. 2: Russian name of the TfP site, Jan. 16, 2008


Here are finally the results of the poll of December 18 of last year on the naming of our site:

We have received 14 replies (which means that slightly over 19% of the 72 Russian-speaking site users who were sent the first survey have responded) with the following ratings (each voter's ratings are located in one column):
Переводы для прогресса:02404305145331
Переводы ради прогресса:34333430230554
Переводы во имя прогресса: 45143550330245
Thus the totals of all received ratings are:
Переводы для прогресса:35
Переводы ради прогресса:42
Переводы во имя прогресса: 44

Therefore, the winner is the last name: Переводы во имя прогресса.

With your ratings of the three originally proposed possibilities, we have also received four new suggestions how to translate “Translations for Progress” so that the Russian name of the site expressed well at first glance our mission:
"К прогрессу через переводы" (Progress through Translations),
"Перевод как средство прогресса" (Translation as a Means of Progress),
"Переводи и развивайся" (Translate and Progress/Advance),
"Переводы в целях прогресса" (Translations for the Advancement of Progress).

It is true that the first three new proposals seem to be rather loose translations of the English name. However, could at least the last one, "Переводы в целях прогресса", be also a serious possibility?

To change the Russian name of the site on every page where it occurs is not a trivial job. Before we start with it, we would like to make sure that the we have a name with which as many as possible of the Russian-speaking users of our site will be highly comfortable. This is why we ask you to think well one more time about all of the existing proposals, and take part in a second round of voting. To make this task easier for you, you do not have to send in any new ratings if you dislike all four new suggestions (and thus rate them with a 0) and are not going to change your ratings from the first round. If you do not send in anything, your old ratings will be counted in without change with addition of zeroes for the new proposals. If, in light of the recent suggestions, you wish to change your original ratings, then please write in your ratings (0 to 5; 0 – the most unsuitable name, 5 – the most suitable one) as before next to the already seven existing proposals and send it back to us:
1. Переводы для прогресса (Translations for Progress)
2. Переводы ради прогресса (Translations for the sake of Progress)
3. Переводы во имя прогресса (Translations in the name of Progress)
4. Переводы в целях прогресса (Translations for the Advancement of Progress)
5. К прогрессу через переводы (Progress through Translations)
6. Перевод как средство прогресса (Translation as a Means of Progress)
7. Переводи и развивайся (Translate and Advance)

The winner will once again be the name with the highest sum of ratings from all the voters.

In the end we include the argument supporting one of the new suggestions because this information may be of interest to everyone:
Переводы в целях прогресса: in my opinion this Russian name most accurately reflects the meaning of the English original — “striving for progress”. “In the Name of” is too arrogant — “In the name of life on earth!” was a slogan during the Soviet rule. Heroic deeds are made “in the name of.” On the other hand, “for the sake of” sounds very sacrificial, as in “I’ll do anything for you!” usually “for the sake of” means that someone will sacrifice their life or career, etc. “For the purpose of” is accurate and dry, without pathetic elements or sentimentality, it clearly communicates the right meaning.”

All the best in the New Year
and thank you very much for your help with the naming of the Russian version of the site!

Translations for Progress