Sent to all Translation of Progress members using Russian as their working language:

We received a communication regarding the Russian translation of the name of our site suggesting that “Переводы для прогресса” is not the best translation of the English “Translations for Progress.”

We thus have two other suggestions for the Russian name of our site: "Переводы ради прогресса" (Translations for the sake of Progress) and "Переводы во имя прогресса" (Translations in the name of Progress).

We call for your help in choosing the most suitable Russian name for our site: please rate the following three proposals for the Russian name on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 – very unsuitable, 5 – most suitable):

Proposal:                                       Your Rating:
Переводы для прогресса
Переводы ради прогресса
Переводы во имя прогресса

Simply reply to this email and fill in your ratings next to the each proposal.
Are there any other possibilities?

Thank you,
Translations for Progress