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Survey of Translators, Dec. 7, 2006

Dear TfP Members:

In an effort to better meet your needs as site users, we are circulating this
survey. Please take five minutes to complete the following questions. Your
responses will help us identify areas we need to work on and how to best
allocate our resources in making TfP a more useful site. Please send your
responses in the text of your email, using the link "Contact".
Many thanks for any information you are able to provide.

Best regards,
Translations for Progress


1) How satisfied are you with the accessibility of member organizations and translators? (1 to 5)

2) How do you feel we could improve this? (please provide a written answer)

3) How satisfied are you with the accountability of member organizations and
translators? (1 to 5)

4) How do you feel we could improve this?

5) What other changes (if any) would you like to see implemented on the site?

6) How frequently do you use Translations for Progress or work with
organizations you have contacted via Translations for Progress

7) Do you find automatic translation task notifications useful?

8) Would you be interested in a bulletin board where volunteer translators could
post questions for their peers?

9) What other features would you like us to add to the site?

10) We are currently working on a partnership with an Italian non-profit which
is working to increase market access across the European Community using a
resume database. Before pursuing this project we would like to gauge response
from the TfP community of translators. The following questions relate to the
TfP – EuroCV partnership:
. . A) Are you familiar with EuroCV?
. . B) Do you have an account on EuroCV or a PAC?
. . C) If you are registered on EuroCV, would it be helpful if we created a
. . . . link from the TfP database which would display your EuroCV
. . . . automatically?