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June 2006: Information for member NGOs about an important change on our site

You may have noticed a number of improvements have recently (June 2006)
been made on the Translation for Progress site. This note brings you
information about one of them, significant for the TfP member
organizations, about which you would not be able to learn otherwise.

Our translators can now subscribe to bi-weekly notifications about all
translation tasks posted by NGO that match their translation capabilities.
In this way most newly signed translators are made aware of all the posted
matching tasks within days after signing up.

Therefore, it is much more important for NGO than before to keep all
unfinished translation tasks updated, especially their 'Needed By' date.
To this end NGO are now receiving several warnings before their expired
tasks are removed from the site.
We recommend that you do not ignore these reminders.

Translations for Progress